DC Comics Universe & Justice League #32 Spoilers & Review: Justice Society Of America (JSA) & Justice Legion A Of DC One Million Vs. Legion Of Doom In Justice / Doom War!

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DC Comics Universe and Justice League #32 Spoilers and Review follows.

Justice Society Of America (JSA) and Justice Legion A Of DC One Million…

…Vs. Legion Of Doom In Justice / Doom War!

Pieces of the Totality are scattered through time and the Justice League…

…is in the past seeking a piece and fighting alongside the Justice Society of America against the Legion of Doom.

In the future, DC One Million in fact, the Justice Legion A is being controlled by the LOD’s Brainiac…

…but the Justice League and Kamandi free them of that control.

However, Brainiac evolves and…

…the combined teams are ready to take him / it on!

In the past, coming to the rescue of the Justice League and JSA is…


While, elsewhere, the Anti-Monitor sides with his brothers the Monitor and World Forger against his mother Perpetua in the Justice / Doom War!

The Pulse:

A big-time issue that was more accessible than others in terms of the story and cosmology of the DC multiverse. Great to see classic teams like the JSA and Justice Legion A back plus Anti-Monitor. Epic feel with solid art too. Best issue of Justice / Doom War yet. 9 out of 10.

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