WWE Raw 9/23/19 Recap – Seth Battles Braun

Seth talks about surviving at the PPV and beating Braun. Braun is naturally not happy with this and talks about Bray playing Mr. Rogers and he wants to fight Seth tonight. The Viking Raiders prepare to face The OC in a Domino’s-sponsored match. An NXT hype video airs to make them seem like the in-ring peak of WWE – and it’s effective. The Raiders destroy the OC after taking out AJ and hitting the Experience before Rowe lands a tope to prevent a save. Becky does a sit-down interview and says she’ll bring her best in the cell. Rusev’s out to face EC3, who has shrunk a bit in a different way than Rusev has. EC3’s in his old TNA black and bronze gear, which does him no good as he falls to a machka kick and an Accolade.

Rey gives a terrible exposition-filled promo about how he almost retired, but his son Dominick, who is his son, prevented that and he’s dedicating tonight’s match to him. Nikki Cross faces Sasha and shines with a bit of flying mixed in with Finlay-esque physicality, but falls to a Bank statement crossface after she rolls through a crossbody. Backstabber and crossface to Alexa as well. AJ says that nothing’s going to get in his way of the Universal title. Street Profits hype up the rest of the card before Miz comes in and says that Maryse had her baby and unlike the Kanellis family, we know who the father is before hyping up the Hogan/Flair Miz TV next week.

They ask Kerwin Silfies to play the footage of Kofi being challenged and being beaten up by Brock on SD. Kinda surprised NBCU is so cool with SMACKDOWN ON FOX being said and promoted so heavily on both of the main roster shows they’re paying a good amount of money for, but it’s good to see. Corey talks about Lacey arriving after her horrible encounter in Canada, which he blames on Renee. She faces Ember Moon and beats her with a woman’s right followed by a sharpshooter that falls apart on her a bit, but she saves nicely. It still looked better than Nattie’s usually does or the Rock’s ever did. Sarah asks her if she’s offended, and Nattie says it’s flattering and then just says a ton of words in 10 seconds with Lacey’s theme drowning her out.

Kane is shown on the wall of friendship in the Funhouse before he puts another blank photo up. Huskus and the bunny fight over Seth with Huskus trying to eat the figure. Bray tears the figure in half so they can share it. He can’t wait to see Seth in Hell and his SEE YOU IN HELL bit is tremendous. Carmella, Truth, and the 24/7 goon squad come out. She begs everyone to just stop while Truth says they’ll get a ride from a clown via a balloon. She tells Truth she can’t handle the stress before schoolboying and pinning Truth to win the title. Renee says that now he and Mella can consumate the title. Truth celebrates with her and tries hopping on her back before she hops on his and Corey says his life’s about to get a lot harder. The women who are doing nothing chase them down backstage. This was tremendous.

Sasha and Bayley brag about their destruction tonight. King Corbin gets regal music before his usual theme. He now has a dark-themed cape and crown – which works. The wifebeater top needs some revamping though. I like Baron Corbin being promoted to King Corbin with this win. Corbin faces Gable in a KOTR rematch sponsored by Gears 5. Backstage, Sami hypes up Nakamura by saying he’s an artist, he’s a poet, and the king of strong style. Corbin dominates for a bit before a surprise ankle lock is on, but Corbin grabs the sceptre and beats him with it for a DQ.

AOP does another dramatic TV show-style promo before beating up goons backstage. Ricochet says he has a chance to defy the odds tonight. Ricochet lands a triangle dropkick to Nakamura on the apron before Roode gets a quick 2. AJ Pele kicks Roode for 2. Rey and Ricochet do some of their Lucha Underground spots, including the quebrada into the holding brainbuster for 2 from Ricochet. Kinshasa hits and takes out Ricochet. AJ and Nakamura do a slow motion version of their NJPW matches with a sliding knee getting 2 for Nakamura.

Rey hits a springboard crossbody to Nakamura and a 619. AJ hits an apron suplex and Roode avoids a forearm that Nakamura eats that missses by a mile and takes him out. Glorious DDT to AJ takes him out. Rey gets a shoulder butt and lands a 619 and a splash. Roode did slam Rey’s knees hard into the mat and maybe don’t ever do that again to both of his knees – dude’s really lucky that modern medicine is able to help him be this good again.

Seth cuts a promo on Braun before we get a rundown of next week’s show. Braun gets his knees worked over a ton before Seth lands a series of frog splashes for 2. Just because you can do Tanahashi’s moves doesn’t mean you can have matches as good as Tanahashi’s doing those moves. Seth stumbles on a suicide dive and Braun catches him and chokeslams him on the apron. Braun runs around the ring and bowls him over. Given that he can’t run for long periods, why do that? Just have him get a short burst of speed and do it – it’s more explosive that way, akin to the Pounce. The Fiend’s music sting hits and he claws Braun down with Seth cowering and screaming in fear. Well that sure makes him look like one hell of a babyface. Bray claws him down and yeah, they just need to give Bray the belt. He’s over and this act is great, while Seth just isn’t.


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