DC Comics Universe & Batman / Superman #2 Spoilers & Review: A Seventh Infected Super-Hero On Top Of The Batman Who Laugh’s Secret Six?!

DC Comics Universe and Batman / Superman #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Seventh Infected Super-Hero On…

…Top Of The Batman Who Laugh’s Secret Six?!

The book opens with an infected Billy Batson as Shazam going toe-to-toe with Superman…

…and displaying a cunning that is so off-brand for the character that you know his inhibitions have been unlocked…

…and he’s able to best Superman!

Batman crashes the Batwing into the Shazam Who Laughs aka King Shazam and even goes toe-to-toe himself forcing Superman to save Batman over chasing Shazam.

Batman wakes up healing in a Fortress of Solitude stasis chamber…

…and he’s upset that Superman didn’t chase and capture Shazam; Superman lashes out and acknowledges that Shazam beat BOTH of them!

Next Batman learns Superman secured the Batman Who Laugh’s Batarang that infected Shazam and we also learn Batman can speak and understand Kryptonian; the ‘rangs are crafted to infect specific super-heroes / people it seems.

The book ends with readers learning that Superman wasn’t that miffed to learn to the Batman Who Laughs has been jailed under the Justice League’s HQ for several months; a similar approach Batman’s son Robin has had for super-criminals (plural) under Teen Titans HQ in recent months.

The plan for the World’s Finest appears to be to attempt to fool the Batman Who Laughs into thinking Superman has been infected and part of the Secret Seven, the Secret Six no longer!

However, were one of the six specific Batarangs revealed last issue created by the Batman Who Laughs tailored to Superman’s DNA? This seems like a Superman undercover mission doomed for failure.

Plus, readers know who Infected Secret Six are, but Superman’s DNA is similar to another super-hero’s so perhaps he can fool the Batman Who Laughs? We shall see.

The Pulse:

A high octane issue with great characterization and differentiation between our two leads. Also, as a Shazam fan, I was pleased to see that he can rival BOTH Superman and Batman together. Lots of original, fun stuff in the issue except for the “under HQ prison” revelation that’s already been done in Teen Titans by Batman’s son Robin. However, it works well here, and adds to a potential feeling of betrayal by fellow Justice League members in future issues potentially. Solid art too that communicates well the stakes and emotions of the issue. 8.5 out of 10.

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