Marvel Comics Universe & Powers Of X #5 Spoilers & Review: Professor X Charles Xavier Villainy Deepens As Drug Kingpin?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Powers Of X #5 Spoilers & Review follows.

Professor X Charles Xavier Villainy Deepens As Drug Kingpin?! Plus, the book’s extras shed more light on the main story here.

The book opens with in Year One with Professor X Charles Xavier meeting with Forge.

While first iteration of Cerebro may have been Professor X’s handiwork…

…the next iteration will be made from Shi’ar technology to change Cerebro’s raison d’etre from mutant tracker to mutant hard drive with copies of all mutants’ minds that is backed-up weekly.

We then get a flashback to House of X #1 (we’re getting a few flashbacks now in the last issues of this series even in last week’s stunning House of X #5) where Charles Xavier and Magneto asks Emma Frost to be the public and political face of the new mutant “nation” and, in a very uncharacteristic Professor X fashion, ask her to control the worldwide distribution of the Krakoan drugs and be the public political face of the whole nation.

A Council of Twelve will govern Krakoa where Emma Frost gets gets two seats initially; one for her and another for one-time Hellfire Club teammate Sebastian Shaw.

She agrees to recruit him for mutant black ops in exchange for a third seat on the Council of Twelve.

In Year 10, the mutant villains come to Krakoa at…

…Charles Xavier’s request.

Invitees include Namor who doubts that Professor X believes mutants are superior to humans and won’t join the rest of the mutants until he gets proof of Xavier’s homo superior sincerity.

The book ends in Year 1,000 where the Phalanx dominates and feeds on the Elder…

…a societal threat bigger than the Phalanx is teased as “one giant societal intelligence” appears to connect Marvel black holes?!

The Pulse:

More worlds building as mystery of who or what is Professor X continues. Decent art. An intriguing issue. 8 out of 10.

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