DC Comics Universe & The Flash #79 Spoilers & Review: A Big Return, A Big Revelation, Wally West The Flash’s Long Shadow & The Real Rogues!

DC Comics Universe and The Flash #79 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Big Return, A Big Revelation…

…Wally West The Flash’s Long Shadow and The Real Rogues!

The book opens with the Flash returning to the Speed Lab in the Flash Museum with a dead Sage Force user Psyche as the Strength’s Force’s Fuerza and Still Force’s Steadfast are upset that he didn’t take them with him in the first place.

The Flash is stronger now since the death of Psyche at the hands of the Black Flash of Death has strengthened the Speed Force?!

Elsewhere we get an interlude where Captain Cold continues to recruit…

…for his new Rogues group.

The Golden Glider is in!

We then pivot back to the Speed Lab where the Flash and Commander Cold (a good guy descendent of villain Captain Cold) learn that despite Psyche’s death, the Sage Force still exists, but has been untethered from the Speed Force.

Later the Flash Barry Allen meets Iris West Allen who wants to talk about Wally West the Flash, but Barry can’t bring himself to discuss the Heroes in Crisis happenings.

Enter Hunter Zolomon as the True Flash no longer Zoom or the Reverse Flash!

He escapes with Still Force user Steadfast as the Black Flash cometh.

The book ends with emergence of the real Rogues who may be confronting Wally West Jr. Kid Flash and the Justice League of China’s Flash Avery Ho!

The Pulse:

Action-packed and jam-packed issue with excellent art and plot progression. 8.5 out of 10.

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