WWE Raw 9/30/19 Recap – Season Premiere With Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio For Universal Title

A revamped Then, Now, Forever intro leads to the new Raw theme. Vic, Dio Maddin, and King are our commentary team and this is a great crew to get Dio into the main roster. Rey comes out and King initially says that the title match is up now, but he’s in street clothes and calls Rey a wrestling icon. Dominick is shown in the crowd and gets his own graphic. He starts to cut a promo thanking his son before Brock comes down. Paul goes to cut a promo, but Rey grabs the mic and Brock F5s him twice. I’m sure Seth will be down here to save Rey. Nope, instead Brock attacks Dominick and almost loses him on an F5, so he just backbreaker tosses him into the post. King yelling IT’S A TEENAGER! amused me far more than it should’ve. Brock raises his hands high and damn sure earned his check tonight.

A recap airs and we see Rey apologizing to Dominick for the attack. Sasha’s out to face Alexa, who eats a bit of offense before Becky gets on the table and we go to a picture-in-picture break. King says that Becky promised him she wouldn’t do anything. Brock is apparently being questioned by authorities. Alexa’s goofy double jump knee misses, so Sasha lands a shining wizard for 2. Sasha clips her knee and uses the tights to win. Sasha and Becky brawl awkwardly before Roode and Dolph come out to face Heavy Machinery for the Raw tag titles.  An AEW ad airs and then we get a Firefly Funhouse recap alongside The Fiend scaring Seth.

Seth says he has no plan for Bray and Rey will get a title shot when he’s healthy, but the fans will get a title match tonight. Otis runs wild for a long time and shines brightly being both a powerhouse and a giant goofball. Dio calls out King for his wacky “you won’t believe what WRESTLER X TOLD ME” earlier bits. Dolph grounds Tucker with a chinlock and does Jericho’s ASK HIM bit. Otis tags in and bowls down everyone. CATERPILLER HITS! Compactor is countered by a superkick, zig zag, and a Glorious DDT ends it. Hogan and Flair walk backstage for Miz TV.

Ronda Rousey on Total Divas is hyped up alongside the NXT full show USA debut. Ric Flair comes out mid-lawsuit with WWE and the graphic says he’s a 17-time champion, which is both wrong and also closer to right. They come down and Hogan is with Jimmy Hart to I guess help ensure he gets cheered. Flair says he’s heard Hogan’s music for 30 damn years and he’s sick of it. He says he has no equals and cuts a promo on Hogan leading to a slap and a ONE MORE MATCH chant. Miz announces Team Hogan vs. Team Flair as coaches with each man captaining teams – so basically like Lethal Lockdown in TNA nine years ago. Hogan’s captain is Seth Rollins, and Orton will be Flair’s captain – which is pretty fitting with Evolution. Orton tells Seth to crawl out of Hogan’s ass and listen to him.

Orton says that they’ll pick their partners over the next month and he wants a captain’s match tonight. The match almost starts before King Corbin comes down and distracts Seth so Orton can attack him. Rusev comes down to save Seth and then they pose on the ramp. A recap of Brock’s attack airs. Charly asks Rusev about Lana, which he won’t answer. He says he isn’t here to talk about problems at home – he’s here to focus on work. He wants the title shot tonight. AOP cuts a promo on loving violence.

Viking Raiders vs. OC is up. OC re-signs to become the highest-paid jobbers in the world. Good work if you can get it. Dio says that the Raiders are not LARPers and he knows because he is a LARPer. That’s easily the best part of the match, which is just a lot of stuff with no story and the crowd being dead. Vic says THE FACE PAINT ALLOWS HIM TO BECOME A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SUPERSTAR! Yeah that really helps the viking badasses out. For some ungodly reason, this match gets a commercial break with the OC in control to dead silence. Tree slam by Gallows gets 2. Rowe lands a big slam and then Hanson hits a superfly dive to win it.

Charly goes on this long, terribly-written tirade about Brock and Cesaro says he just wishes that Rey was here so he could beat he and Dominick up. Ricochet says that he’s all talk. Boy was Ricochet’s acting no better than Rey’s earlier. Cesaro’s working in street clothes and eats a pair of dropkicks. Ricochet lands a west coast pop and wins it. The Firefly Funhouse has Huskus eating a cake before Mercy scares him and the rabbit dies.

AJ’s out to face Cedric and AJ gets the better of him to start before the spinning back elbow lands for a great 2 count. Snap Michinoku driver gets 2 as well. AJ lands a Clash and ends it. Street Profits say that they’ll make their USA in-ring debuts on NXT. Lacey vs. Nattie is up in a match that I’m sure someone in the match might care about. Maybe.  Lacey does some weird slam of Nattie into the steps. Nattie hits a back elbow and a kick before cheating to win with a cradle and the tights and then hits the punch to knock her out.

A Cena video showcases Fit Ops. Heyman says that Brock was wanton and reckless and he apologizes to Rey and his family. He says that WWE should be blamed for scheduling Brock on the show when he’s in fight mode. Heyman says that Kofi can thank God for the power of positivity, the devil thanks him and on Fox, you will hear Brock proclaimed as the new WWE Champion. Maria is interviewed by Charly and Maria says that Rusev isn’t the father. Sasha grabs the mic and says that Becky isn’t man enough for her. A giant limo pulls up and King talks about how odd it is for that to show up 20 minutes before the show ends. Rusev gets no intro for his title match. Wow.

Team Flair is on the ramp and The Fiend says something before a break. Rusev and Seth have a nothing match until Lashley returns and brings Lana with him. They kiss and then The Fiend attacks Seth again. Well, this got everyone involved under. Lana and Lashley had no chemistry and going for cheap heeat with the interracial act didn’t even work in the early ’90s let alone now.

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