DC Comics Universe & Justice League #33 Spoilers & Review: Justice Doom War Rages With Justice Society Of America (JSA), DC One Million & More! Ultra-Monitor & Hawkgirl’s Secret?

DC Comics Universe and Justice League #33 Spoilers and Review follows.

Justice Doom War Rages In The Past With Justice Society Of America (JSA), In The Future With DC One Million & A Surprise!

Plus Ultra-Monitor and Hawkgirl’s Secret?

With the help of Starman Will Payton, the three cosmic brothers of Monitor, Anti-Monitor and World Forger merge to…

…become the Ultra Monitor a rival to their mother Pereptua.

In the past, Aquaman and a Justice League squad continue to team up with the Justice Society of America to secure a fragment of the Totality!

In the future, Brainiac One Million takes Kamandi and a Justice League squad with a fragment of the Totality the prize.

In the present, Ultra-Monitor takes on Perpetua while Hawkgirl takes on Apex Lex Luthor which would seem like a mismatch.

However, it looks like Hawkgirl has some hidden powers that foreshadows her repairing the Source Wall?

In the past, we see the Legion of Doom having brought a god to his knees as…

…Vandal Savage and his Legionnaires Club enter the fray with the JSA, Justice League and Aquaman in ye olde Atlantis.

The book ends in a different future with a recap of the stakes in the past, present and future…

…and Batman Beyond and the Justice League Beyond entering the picture.

Next up is Justice League #34.

The Pulse:

A dense issue with lots of drama and action with the high stakes felt. Great art. 8 out of 10.

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