Marvel Comics Universe & House Of X #6 Spoilers & Review: Professor X As Global Drug Dealer! What The? Who’s Red King Of Krakoa’s Quiet Council Of Twelve In Uncanny X-Men Reboot?!

Marvel Comics Universe and House Of X #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

Professor X As Global Drug Dealer! What The? Who’s Red King Of Krakoa’s Quiet Council Of Twelve In Uncanny X-Men Reboot?! Plus don’t forget those interesting extras peppered throughout the issue!

The book opens one month ago in Moira MacTaggert aka Moira X’s No-Space. Charles Xavier aka Professor X and Magnus Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto activate the newest iteration of Cerebro.

Professor X puts Cerebro on and then announces his plan to the world. It is a message communicated as “hope” with access to new drugs for humanity that should be gifts, but it is a world that despite mutants saving humanity time and time again, humanity does not appear ready to co-exist in harmony with mutants; in fact they have murdered mutants in the past.

This miracle drugs will be available for humanity at a price. That price is (1) Krakoa becomes a member nation of the United Nations, (2) all mutants born anywhere on Earth get Krakoan citizenship at birth, (2) mutant criminals get amnesty, as humans are too biased to treat them fairly under their laws, but they will now be judged under unbiased mutant laws of Krakoa.

The world reacts to this message including Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther as well as the Fantastic Four and others.

Then we pivot to the present and the Quiet Council of Twelve of Krakoa who will make the mutant laws. One of the twelve is an obscured Red King. The Council is protected and assisted by four mutant Captains: Cyclops, Bishop, Magik and Gorgon.

The three mutant laws are developed and revealed: (1) no mutant shall take a human life (put forward by Jean Grey), (2) Krakoa is sacred land and must be respected by all mutants (put forward by Exodus), and (3) mutants have a duty to create more mutants (put forward by Nightcrawler).

At the same time, they Victor Creed aka Sabretooth us put under trial under Krakoa’s new laws. Jean Grey turns him into a drooling mess as he is found guilty of law #1 and is swallowed up by Krakoa as a result.

His punishment is to be exiled deep within Krakoa.

The book beings to end with all of the mutants in celebration. During the revelry, Wolverine brings a six pack of beer to the party. He embraces Jean Grey and Scott Summers, who are a couple Wolverine had had feelings for Grey as readers know.

Jean Grey in turn gives a beer to Emma Frost as she makes eyes with her former flame Scott who reciprocates as he hangs with his brother Alex Summers aka Havok.

Finally, the book ends with Professor X and Magneto being self congratulatory as Apocalypse looks on.

Only one issue left to go with Powers of X #6 next week and Dawn of X looming.

The Pulse:

Lots of plot movement in this issue and solid art. The mythology can be at times dense and inaccessible, but it was an entertaining story. 8 out of 10.

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