Marvel Comics Universe & Powers Of X #6 Spoilers & Review: Dawn Of X Ignited As Mystery Around Moira MacTaggert / Moira X’s Sixth Life Revealed!

Marvel Comics Universe and Powers Of X #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

Dawn Of X Ignited As Mystery Around Moira MacTaggert / Moira X’s Sixth Life Revealed Including Some Interesting Extras!

X^0 / Year Zero:

In the past, the book opens with a relook at the Moira MacTaggert aka Moira X and Professor Charles Xavier aka Professor X’s first meeting in the pages of Powers of X #1.

X^3 / Year One Thousand:

In the future, the Librarian enters the Preserve and is ambushed by mutants. Turns out he and the other blue-skinned people were not mutants who have ascended, but they were human who ascended.

Homo Navissima, humans who have been merged with machines, rule the Earth. Their techo-organic mature allows them to be more readily absorbed by the Phalanx. Mutants lost the war and are nearly extinct except for Moira X and Wolverine.

The Ascension is tomorrow, but the Librarian has second thoughts on humanity being absorbed by the Phalanx. It is also revealed that its humans and not machines that are the enemies of mutants; humans use machines to extend their life.

We learn more about how mutantdom and humanity fit together.

And the lengths to which technology helped humanity against mutants.

In the end, the Librarian does not believe that Moira could prevent the Ascension and takes his offer to her back; he will grudgingly become a god…

…to which Wolverine responded by killing him and soon after Moira X. So ends the sixth life of Moira X.

X^0 / Year Zero:

In the past, Moira X showing Professor X all of her lives, where mutants always lose, has broken him. In each life Xavier was the same; she needs to break him so that he can wake up as he’s been dreaming the wrong dream.

In this new life Moira X wants to work with Professor X and Magneto to avoid mutants always losing as she saw in her past timelines.


Prior to the first Krakoan Council of Twelve meeting, Professor X and Magneto reveal to Moira X the council members.

Mystique will join the council if they bring in Destiny, but Moira is adamant that the council should not include precogs ever; no mutants who can see the future. Destiny would know that Moira X’s death would end all this.

While Professor X and Magneto explain to Moira that they know and understand her position, its revealed that they haven’t always listened to her in the last decade. Plus they want to tell the new Council that mutants always lose and the true nature of Moira X.

The truth is that humans are the inheritors of the Earth and not mutants; the mutant dream of homo “superior” is a lie. Humans will always win. That said, Professor X and Magneto are confident in what they’ve built this time and they things will turn out different this time. They acknowledge that Moira has built something incredible here, but its time they took over and complete her work.

We then end with a relook at the last pages of House of X #6 where Magneto tells Professor X “look at what we have made”. Moira seems oddly looped out this as a key partner. Magneto tells Professor X that he will make humanity pay if they threaten mutantdom.

Despite some seeming reservation that Magneto’s stance will illicit a response from humans, they both agree to “Let them try to stop us this time”.

The Pulse:

Not the ending I expected and Professor Charles Xavier’s characterization doesn’t ring true for me, but the Dawn of X world to come is pretty compelling. Solid art as well in this 50 page comic book. 8 out of 10.

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