Pull List Roundtable 10/9/2019 – Dawn Of X, Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated, Batman’s Grave & More!

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James Fulton

  • Powers of X ends this week, and I’m expecting a big surprise leading into the relaunch of the X-Line.
  • It looks like Aftershock is picking up the types of titles that would have been published at Black Mask, which appears to have disappeared completely as a publisher. Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated looks interesting, and I’ve come to be a fan of writer Patrick Kindlon.
  • I’m also looking forward to new issues of Black Hammer/Justice League, East of West, Invaders, Journey to Star Wars: This Title is Too Long to Remember, Miles Morales, Oblivion Song, Outer Darkness, and Star Wars: Target Vader.
  • I’m considering picking up the new Superman, which has Jon hanging out with Damian before heading to the future to be with the Legion. I didn’t expect to care about Bendis Superman one bit…

John Babos

7 books this week, please.

  • Detective Comics #1013
  • Event Leviathan #5
  • Hawkman #17
  • Joker Year of the Villain #1
  • Justice League Odyssey #14
  • Superman #16
  • Wonder Twins #8

Mike Maillaro

  • Powers of X #6 – Can’t believe it’s already been twelve weeks. I’ve absolutely loved Hickman’s work on X-Men so far. Curious to see how Powers of X leads into Dawn of X. My only real complaint is that the Phalanx segments of Powers of X bore me to no end. Hopefully they are building to something unexpected, but I actually ended up more or less skipping the last few pages of Powers of X #5.
  • Batman’s Grave #1 – Ellis on Batman? Definitely caught my attention. Of course it is Ellis, so it may take a while for this 12 issue mini series to come out, but I don’t mind waiting for Ellis. He always makes it worth my while.
  • Spawn #301 – Congratulations on Spawn becoming the longest running creator owned indy comic with the 301st issue putting it above Cerebus’s 300 issues. I have been a Spawn reader for a long time, and I really liked what they did in 300 and the lead in. It’s just a great place to build for the future of Spawn.
  • Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror Season 2 #1 – Snifter of Terror Season 1 could be a bit hit or miss at time, but I loved the origin stories for Count Chocula. This is just a real odd series, which is kind of par for the course with Ahoy comics. Hopefully they manage to smooth some of the edges from season 1.
  • Doctor Doom #1 – Does Doom need his own series? I don’t know…I actually liked what they had been doing post Secret Wars with a more heroic version of Doom. Having Doom back to his hand-wringing evil ways just feels like a step backwards in a lot of ways. But I still want to see what this series is all about.
  • Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #1 – One of the most bizarre solicits I have ever read “The largest retailer in the world requires the best-trained loss prevention staff, and Security Officer Nussbaum defends the company interests at any cost. Life, human rights, rational thought are all secondary concerns. But his world is upended when he finds a society living under the retail outlet – a culture that challenges his no-tions about consumerism and sense of self. Is he ready for the message? Imagine Judge Dredd working for Amazon, and you’ve got a hint of what you’re in for.” Aftershock is always trying something new, and I give them a lot of credit for that.
  • Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #24
  • Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)
  • Batman And The Outsiders #6
  • Batman Giant #1,
  • Batman Universe #4 (Of 6)
  • DC Villains Giant #1
  • Detective Comics #1013
  • Event Leviathan #5 (Of 6)
  • Flash #80
  • Hawkman #17
  • Joker Year Of The Villain #1
  • Justice League Odyssey #14
  • Supergirl #35
  • Superman #16
  • Wonder Twins #8 (Of 12)
  • Wonder Woman #80
  • Disney Comics And Stories #7
  • Marvel Action Spider-Man #9
  • Usagi Yojimbo #5
  • Ice Cream Man #15
  • Postal Deliverance #4
  • Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #3
  • Age Of Conan Valeria #3
  • Amazing Spider-Man #31
  • Contagion #2 (Of 5)
  • Gwenpool Strikes Back #3 (Of 5)
  • Invaders #10
  • Journey To Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Allegiance #1
  • Loki #4
  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel #8
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #11
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Dark Temple #3 (Of 5)
  • Star Wars Target Vader #4 (Of 6)
  • Web Of Black Widow #2 (Of 5)
  • Livewire #11
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