DC Comics Universe & Justice League Odyssey #14 Spoilers & Review: A Surprise Unmasking?!

DC Comics Universe and Justice League Odyssey #14 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Surprise…


Jessica Cruz Green Lantern has assembled a rag tag group of resisters to Darkseid and his Ghost Sector plans.

However, she is also imbued with Darkseid’s omega energy…

…which allows Cyborg, turned by Darkseid, to communicate with her; they know she’s coming for them.

Later, one of her group is unmasked as…

…Orion the hero son to his evil father Darkseid, but is ally or enemy?

The issue ends with that question unanswered and…

…a big new threat emerging.

Next up is Justice League Odyssey #15 (with the wrong issue number on it mind you).

The Pulse:

Confounding plot and gobbledygook dialogue with weak art. I have stayed with this book from the beginning and I had hoped DC’s Year of the Villain would salvage it. So far it hasn’t. The next issue “looks” promising, but the current issue is not. Great to see Jessica Cruz position as possibly the most powerful Green Lantern plus the return of Orion, but everything else this week in this book was a meh. 3 out of 10.

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