Image Comics Universe & Spawn #301 Spoilers & Review: A New Era Begins For More Than One Hellspawn?!

Image Comics Universe and Spawn #301 Spoilers and Review follows.

A New Era Begins For More Than One Hellspawn?!

With issue 301 Spawn becomes the longest running indy comic book series and creator Todd McFarlane opens the book by thanking fans.

Turns out Spawn has the power within him not in his costume.

In fact, his costume…

…his costume is…

…actually a bomb; a powerful one at that.

That bomb…

…sets in a motion a new era for Spawn with…

…many more Hellspawn?

The Pulse:

Great art by a diverse group of artists. There is no house style here so the transitions between artists can be jarring from story to back-up-story, etc. The story itself is a bit confusing for me, but may well be accessible for long-time readers. This milestone is worth celebrating nonetheless. 6 out of 10.

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