On The Streeter – 10 Thoughts On AEW Dynamite Oct 23, 2019



So, let’s continue with this show. It has me hooked, and I am interested to see how the story-lines are going. I haven’t felt like this in over 20 years. With no further ado – it’s AEW Dynamite for October 23!


1) Private Party v Lucha Brothers – Tag Team Tournament semi-final
As much as Private Party (and especially Quen) impressed me last time, this time against a team as accomplished and fast as the Lucha Brothers, they felt a step off the pace. The match was quite good, don’t get me wrong, and it was given decent time to develop, but there were times when it seemed the Lucha Brothers were waiting, something you did not see against the Young Bucks. I think Private Party will improve – there is a lot to work with – but they were shown up a little here. Lucha Brothers win after 12 minutes.


2) #wardlowiscoming? Interesting short video showing he is built and he trains… but can he wrestle? No idea, not from that package. But I am sure that he is known, just not to me.


3) SCU v Dark Order – Tag Team Tournament semi-final
Like the first match, the difference between the experience of the teams was obvious. Dark Order felt out of place. I haven’t been that impressed with what I’ve seen of them – they are one of those character over ability wrestler-types, I feel. Their moves were a little loose, and it just lacked “something”. They’ve apparently been around for almost a decade, but, yeah – you know. Despite that, match was certainly watchable, and had some nice spots thrown in. SCU ended up getting the win, setting up a tournament final with Lucha Brothers, exactly as I called last week


4) In the middle of the last match, Jericho and the Inner Circle rocked up and got a box, like any normal spectators. It completely took away from the match and distracted everyone. Why do it there, and not, say, at the end? Then, of course, they kept cutting back to them. Maybe they realised the match was not the greatest?


5) Joey Janela v Kenny Omega
They start by showing highlights of Janela’s match against Moxley from Fyter Fest, and then highlights of Janela v Omega from AEW Dark. Looks like a good match; I should find it. Anyways, this rematch, I guess, is okay. The commentators were talking Janela up as a proper wrestler, as opposed to a weapons wrestler, but this match did not help with that. Like I said, okay. Not bad, but not great. The only match so far they didn’t continue through the commercial. For the third time, a younger/less experienced wrestler was shown up a touch in the ring. Omega won in the end. And I could have done without the constant cut-backs to the Inner Circle and their reactions. The “This is awesome” chant was not deserved, audience.


6) Cody Rhodes comes out to talk to Tony Schiavone in the ring (with production crew voices coming over the mic – come on, guys!). Cody Rhodes is trying to make an announcement and the Inner Circle interrupt with air horns. Now Jericho has a mic. Veiled WWE reference about an “invisible wall”. We have duelling promos. It’s 4-on-1, but Dustin Rhodes comes out. Then MJF. Then, to even it up, out comes Diamond Dallas Page. And they hop the rail and go after the Inner Circle. Inner Circle lock themselves away. Cody punches through the glass door and it’s on. Security comes out and the “not Inner Circle” are taken away. At least the brawl wasn’t at the end of the show this week. Good segment, though – really good.


7) Private Party (with Orange Cassidy) v The Young Bucks
Start saw Cassidy give both Young Bucks mock superkicks, then eats a double superkick from them. Unlike the first two tag matches, this one was a better match with both teams working well together with no one team being left behind. This was a good match and a load of fun. Young bucks won, but Best Friends looked good in the loss. Post-match, Young Bucks accept the Santana-Ortiz challenge from last week.


8) We have a Dr Britt Baker promo video, nicely done, too, leading into
Jamie Hayter v Dr Britt Baker
Hayter is from the UK. This was actually a decent match. Baker seems to improving all the time and Hayter is no slouch, apparently having cut her teeth at least a little in Japan. But the match felt rushed, like it was a fifteen minute match condensed into 8 minutes, and they had to show everything they could do. The pacing was off, but the match was still quite a good one. And crowd was hot for Baker! Baker pulled out a good win in this one.


9) Post-match, Jenn Decker is interviewing Jamie Hayter, but she is attacked by Brandi Rhodes, who then does something weird with her face but doesn’t say anything. Sure, whatever.


10) Jon Moxley v Pac
Before the match, Pac attacks Mox with a chair and then chokes him out with the jacket. This was a good little brawl between these two. Why wasn’t Moxley allowed to be this when he was Dean Ambrose? For that matter, why wasn’t Pac allowed to be like this when he was Neville? Intense and it did not let up. And the ending was a TV time draw! That’s not the first draw in this promotion, and it shows that AEW is not afraid to use the draw, and, even better, not set up matches to be a draw by lazy in-ring work. Better than the 50-50 booking, and these two have more to give without giving one a loss, especially in AEW where wins and losses actually mean something. Good way to finish.


Now, better than last week, and still giving us the televised goods week after week. Four weeks in a row and we don’t have a dud TV show yet. I think my 10 Thoughts are becoming a little pickier, because I am now expecting a lot from AEW. But that’s fine. Because, truth be told, I would have been ecstatic with a match the standard of any of these on Raw or Smackdown. Or even on some WWE PPVs this year. And so far, the booking has also been decent. I hope that this keeps up, because AEW is making me a genuine fan again.


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