The Column: 10 Comics You Should Be Reading Right Now

10 Comics You Should Be Reading Right Now

Welcome to the column where I give my suggestions as to what comics you could pick out at the moment.

This considers only comics from Marvel and DC and comprises of ongoing titles only. Marvel and DC are putting out some great comics right now, but I wanted the leaders of the pack, the cream at the top and so on. I narrowed my picks to 10 and have listed it here.

Important: this list is just meant to voice my opinion as to what comics have been capturing my eyes. It may, probably will, be different from your own picks

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing has been exceptional since the relaunch. It has taken inspiration from every part of the spider mythos. The new villain, Kindred has been a great foil and has created a lot of excitement. Peter and MJ’s relationship has proven to be the backbone of the series and has created a great setup for the series as a whole.

House of X / Powers of X and Dawn of X

The two X-mini-series has had the comic world talking and with good reason. The X-Men have been lacking a sense of direction for a while which this series has effectively taken care of. Mutants are now positioned as one of the major leaders of the world with the X-Men leading the pack. Twists and turns galore, the next era of the X-Men can’t be missed


Venom was a hit that nobody expected. Creating a whole new back-story and expanding the venom mythos in a very major way has worked in its favor. The current Absolute Carnage event has been spectacular with some great stories coming out of it. The Venom run has something really special planned and we are only at the beginning.

Immortal Hulk

Turns out making the Hulk immortal was all you needed to make him better. Jokes aside, the story has been an exceptional one that has had Bruce deal with things that he has never dealt with before. Adding a slight mystical spin to the series has helped introduce a major new threat. This series has been jumping from strengths to strengths and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.


Why is it that the best Daredevil stories are always about Matt Murdock going through the worst? The latest run has created a crisis in confidence for Matt after his accidental killing of a robber. He has given up the mantle of Daredevil but is still not sure as to who he should be. That has created a great dilemma that is quite exciting to see unfold.

DC Comics


While it has been plagued with delays, the series has been a great journey to undergo. Focusing on the daily tribulations of the shazam family and their journey into the mystical lands. This Shazam run has a lot of potential and could be prove to be a definitive run if it continues in the same vein.

Justice League

Big Cosmic stuff. The Justice League run has pulled no stops and seems to be going all out in an effort to make the action as big and bombastic as it could be. The League have been to other dimensions, other times, other worlds, other realms. Crazy times huh?

Justice League Dark

The Magic side of the dc universe doesnt usually command the focus at most occasions but that changes with this series. With lead sorcerers like Constantine and Zatanna along with Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing, this book encompasses the world of magic and has featured almost everyone of dc’s magic characters. It has action. It has heart and its pretty damn good.

The Flash

After a brief blip, The Flash is making its case once more. The Flash has been slowly teasing the return of the Flash Family and In the meanwhile, Barry has to deal with the Black Flash and Hunter Zolomon. Iris’s return has been great and Wally’s own mini-series has started off quite well.

Detective Comics

You want a Batman book that has Bruce fighting villains and outwitting them? This is the one. It has featured a series of adventure where Batman has dealt with a variety of villains that range from the Joker to Batman himself. It has taken a simple approach instead of a long-winding setup and that has worked wonders

These are the comics that I personally feel are some of the best at the moment. I look forward to reading each and every issue of the above titles when it drops. I don’t think there is a greater measure for the quality of a comic than that. If you don’t have fun reading it, it’s no use at all.

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