Marvel Legends Spider-Man Demogoblin Build-a-Figure Revealed At Comic-Con Paris

Just like the Fantastic Four reveal, Hasbro has showed off the Build-a-Figure for the upcoming Spider-Man wave of Marvel Legends, Demogoblin!

Along with the reveal, brand new images were released with the accessories each figure will have!

-2 Nunchucks
-5 Pairs of Different Hands
-Demogoblin Torso

Spider-Armor Mark III Spider-Man
-Web Effect
-Demogoblin Leg

Superior Octopus
-4 Tenticles
-Demogoblin Arms

Velocity Suit Spider-Man
-Web Effect
-Demogoblin Leg

-Alternate Head
-Demogoblin Head

White Rabbit
-Umbrella Gun
-Demogoblin Glider with Stand

These are due out in early 2020, and full cases & individual figures are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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