Raw 10/28/19 Recap – Divorce Court For Lana, Rusev & Lashley

King hypes up Divorce Court before Paige comes out and rattles off WWE Facts about both Kairi and Asuka. She says that her teaming of them could have backfired, but NOW THEY STAND IN FRONT OF THE WWE UNIVERSE AS CHAMPIONS. Asuka and Kairi take the mic and bully Paige before Asuka mists her and Paige yells that she can’t see. Kairi faces Becky in new biker-esque garb and chokes her in the corner. Becky slams her off the top and hits a second rope legdrop for 2.9. Disarmher ends it. Well that sure helped get the Kabuki Warriors over after that opening with Paige. We get a recap of the Lashley-Rusev brawl from last week.

Truth faces Murphy and Truth lands a calf kick before the 24/7 Brigade comes out and everyone runs in a circle around the ring. Truth runs around the circle before running back in before being counted out only to eat a kamigoye to end it. This got no one over, although Truth’s new red pants are slick. AOP says more scary words for the 10th year in a row. The Street Profits come out and are already pretty over – the power of not wrestling on Raw and becoming a bigger star. They play to the crowd in the crowd and then cut a promo and leave – good, they’re sticking to their strengths and not having them work a ton.

Hogan and Flair jawjack mid-ring before Ricochet comes out to face Drew McIntyre. Drew launches him into orbit off a backdrop and hits a rug shaker. Ricochet rebounds with quick kicks and a moonsault, but the 630 is avoided and Orton RKOs Ricochet to take him out and give him a DQ win. The OC meets with Humberto Carrillo and thinks it’s cool he made his WWE debut against Seth, but he’ll fall short trying to prove himself against AJ. Carrillo looked terrible in the Power Rangers getup last week, but this week, he’s got no top on and looks pasty – so go back to the Power Rangers top or something because that’s an even worse look.

Viking Raiders kill two jobbers in baseball garb because the World Series is kicking WWE’s ass. Sin Cara’s loss last week is recapped before he cuts a promo backstage and has Catalina by his side now. She has a very expressive face even with the mask -so this could work. Catalina gets the better of Zelina, but Andrade gets a schoolboy using the ropes and wins. Okay, on one hand, Andrade shouldn’t be going 50/50 with Sin Cara, but why have Catalina debut with a loss? Just have Sin Cara squash Heath Slater and give him SOME momentum and then do this.

Nattie teams with 10 TIME WOMENS CHAMPION CHARLOTTE as they face The IIconics and they hype up Corey’s NO HOLDS BARRED podcast with HHH. Charlotte tosses Peyton around and Billie taps to the Sharpshooter. Oh God, they’re going to have Charlotte and Nattie win the womens tag titles to become an 11-time champion aren’t they? Seth talks about how stupid it is for him to face Erick Rowan and he does it because it’s as Mark Henry says – IT’S WHAT HE DOES!

Seth and Rowan brawl into the concourse and don’t top AEW. Chokeslam through the WWEShop table for 2. Back to the ring and then they brawl more to the announce table, where Seth hops up and lands a superkick. Stomp on the table and that’s just a transition spot for more walking and brawling. They fight to the metal box district and Rowan tosses a big box at Seth, but Seth evades and lands a Stomp on the ladder and then puts him under a forklift and bullies a guy into lowering the wooden palette onto him for the win. They talk about how creative this is but it’s literally a rehash of what they did 20 years ago.

Aleister Black talks about people knocking down his door to PICK-A-FIGHT-A with him. This is ridiculous. Recap of Brock destroying Dominick, Cain, and Rey from SD. AJ faces Humberto, who gets a ton of offense. AJ works on the leg and then makes him tap with a calf crusher. He lands a Clash after the match to set up maybe a future program between them. I wouldn’t do it soon though as AJ just beat him clean and then The Street Profits come out to help out Humberto. Divorce Court has King try to play peacemaker between Rusev and Lana. Check out https://scwestonlaw.com/family-law/ to learn about the laws that can affect your case.

Lana says that the WWE Universe is saying mean things about her and in reality, Rusev is a sex addict. That’s all he ever wanted from her and Rusev says you can’t really blame her. He wanted sex in the arena, doctor’s office, all times of day and that Lashley told her that Rusev’s cheating on her. Then Lashley comes out and gets his ass kicked while Lana beats up Rusev with a kendo stick. Careful – that might be his new fetish! Lashley ball shots him and then Lana slaps him to set up a RUNNING BALL SHOT.

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