Marvel Comics Universe & Marauders #1 Spoilers & Review: A Unique Dawn Of X Mission For The Eclectic Marauders Mutant Team? Plus Bishop!

Marvel Comics Universe and Marauders #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Unique Dawn Of X Mission For…

…The Eclectic Marauders Mutant Team?

The book opens with the revelation that…

…the revelation that Kitty Pryde now Kate Pryde aka the mutant Shadowcat cannot use the portals to travel to and from Krakoan islands.

We then get a Dramatis Personae which naturally includes Wolverine plus a fave of mine Bishop.

Pryde has to get to Krakoa the old fashioned way and wonders why she can’t use the portals.

She also receives a job offer from Emma Frost of the Hellfire Club trading company…

…that Kate considers.

We then get the mission of the Marauders…

…to help mutants get to Krakoa.

The Pulse:

A new intrigue mission and motley crew. Decent art in an entertaining issue. 8 out of 10.

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