DC Comics Universe & Batman / Superman #3 Spoilers & Review: Batman Who Laughs & His Secret Six Strike, But The Detective Detects First?!

DC Comics Universe and Batman / Superman #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

Batman Who Laughs and His Secret Six Strike, But…

…The Detective Detects First?!

The book opens with the Batman Who Laughs realizing that Superman was not defeated and infected by Shazam and Batman enters the situation with the evil Batman subdued.

Later, Batman realized his old friend James Gordon betrayed him and…

…he learns Jim has been infected and is one of the Batman Who Laugh’s Secret Six.

Gordon brings his Batman armor to life, that he wore when he was Batman for cup of tea, and Superman comes to the rescue.

The armor is fried and Gordon captured.

They take his armor and him to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude which was Gordon’s plan all along?!

The armor contained a trojan horse virus of some kind that reveals the Blue Beetle as the next infected member of the Secret Six.

He’s ready to be unleashed!

The book ends with captive Batman Who Laughs conniving about Batman and Superman, but also knowing that he and DC’s Year of the Villain’s Apex Lex Luthor are on a collision course; to be played out the Hell Arisen mini-series.

The Pulse:

Complex, multi-layered story with back and front burner plot advancement and pretty great art. Entertaining. 8 out of 10.

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