DC Comics Universe & Hawkman #17 Spoilers & Review: Bridging DC’s Year Of The Villain To The Secret Six & Hell Arisen!

DC Comics Universe and Hawkman #17 Spoilers and Review follows.

Bridging DC’s Year Of The Villain…

…To The Secret Six and Hell Arisen!

Shadow Thief has been powered up due to Apex Luthor’s dark gift which allows him to control actual shadows…

…leading to Hawkman vs. his own shadow.

However, Shadow Thief is over confident and…

…Hawkman maims him!

He removes his dark gift and destroys the bauble…

…resulting in Hawkman’s shadow returning to Carter Hall.

The book ends with Shade stopping Hawkman from killing the Shadow Thief.

Hawkman is transported elsewhere where…

…the Batman Who Laughs toxin has finally worked infecting Hawkman and turning him into the Secret Six’s evil Sky Tyrant!

Plus, here’s the cover to Hawkman #18 that spoiled this book’s ending for months.

The Pulse:

An action-packed and entertaining issue with cool supporting characters and villain. Decent art. Intrigued by what’s next. 7 out of 10.

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