DC Comics Universe & The Flash #81 Spoilers & Review: Who Dies & What’s Next? It’s Been Building To THIS! A BIG Issue!

DC Comics Universe and The Flash #81 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Dies and What’s Next?

It’s Been Building To THIS! A BIG Issue!

Hunter Zolomon the True Flash formerly Zoom and formerly Reverse Flash (since Eobard Thawne is back) has conquered the Still Force to open the portal to the Forever Force and the Black Flash has found him…

…seemingly killing Barry Allen the Flash, but…

…he’s alive and helps Zolomon in the fight with Black Flash.

The Forever Force reveals to Zolomon a future hat could have been; it’s a force that allows the user to manipulate time.

He now wants to sacrifice himself to save the forces.

He does that and…

…seems to damage the Speed Force and severed its users connection to it?!

That’s not all as…

…Perpetua and the Legion of Doom has won the Justice Doom War.

It shakes Steadfast to the core as Kid Flash and Avery Ho look on…

…and the amped up Rogies, courtesy of Apex Lex Luthor’s dark gift, attack!

The Pulse:

A thrill ride, action-packed and dramatic issue with AMAZING art. 9 out of 10.

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