WWE Raw 11-4-19 – Seth Rollins Battles Adam Cole For The NXT Title

Heyman and Lesnar come out and Heyman says Brock can do whatever he wants because he’s special. Raw absorbs his deal and Brock beats up guys backstage before yelling for Rey Rey – hey, that comes back! The Kabuki Warriors face Charlotte and Nattie, with Nattie eating a bunch of Kaientai-style offense for 2. Nattie gets a sharpshooter out of the Asuka Lock and she taps out. Oh come on! Have Kairi tap – she’s tiny! Heyman threatens Lawler with death at the hands of Brock Lesnar before Dio stands up for King and gets beaten up with knees and an F5 through the announce table. Rey takes a bat to Brock’s knee from behind. Well that’s a cowardly way to attack and then Rey says he’s just doing what Brock did to him. Shouldn’t the babyface hold themselves to a higher standard than a heel?

Murphy beats Cedric Alexander in a quick match with Murphy’s Law. Cedric went from going back and forth to AJ for the US Title to losing to AJ regularly to now losing to Buddy Murphy without either having a program. Neither came off any better after this match than they were before it. Seth comes out and talks about being at the top of Raw before HHH comes down to talk about Seth putting NXT on the map and TUE gets on the apron before The OC comes down to help defend Raw. They brawl and then Dijak and Damian Priest attack. Zelina and Andrade face Sin Cara and Catalina. Sin Cara looks great against Andrade, but Catalina falls to a basement rana.

Cole vs. Seth for the NXT Title is hyped up before a Lashley vs. Rusev hype video. Rusev says Lashley can have Lana, but he wants Lashley’s ass. Lashley says he isn’t cleared tonight – because over the weekend he suffered a torn groin at the hands of Lana. Drew comes down to face Rusev and they have a fun brawl until Lashley comes down and brawls with Rusev. Orton attacks Rusev and then Ricochet makes a save. They’re hyping up Team Hogan vs. Team Flair – so either we’re in bizarro world and they’re building the match backwards or babyfaces are actually getting friends. I’ll go with the latter here.

Shayna does a face to face with Becky and says she’ll tap her out and all she has to think about is which limb she’ll take. Street Profits and the Humberto Ranger come down for a six man with AJ beating Carrillo with a powerbomb using his feet on the rope. I like that – it fits him being a heel and gets over something small like feet on the rope being credible again. The Viking Raiders destroy The Hampton Polo Boys. Seth and Cole have a pretty good match that doesn’t get to the heights of Cole vs. Bryan because Seth isn’t anywhere near as good a worker or a babyface, so it’s just an exchange of big moves. TUE attacks Seth for a DQ before an NXT and Raw brawl closes things out. Ricochet lands an SSP from the ring to the floor onto the pile before Keith knocks them all over with a flip dive.


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