Marvel Comics Universe & New Mutants #1 Spoilers & Review: Dawn Of X Continues With A New Take On The Old New Mutants?!

Marvel Comics Universe and New Mutants #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Dawn Of X Continues With A New Take…

…On The Old New Mutants?!

We open with a dramatis personae that is refreshingly Wolverine free, but it also opens with a blurb that the mutants that anchor a titles New Mutants aren’t really “new”. Ok, Boomer. 😉

This was surprising interstellar caper tale which…

…leaves the New Mutants stranded in space by the Starjammers because

…they don’t like Generation Z?

The book ends with the Starjammers having jetted and the New Mutants under arrest…

…in need of a lawyer apparently.

The Pulse:

A fresh, but odd issue with decent art. Ok ending. 6 out of 10.

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