DC Comics Universe & Deathstroke #49 Spoilers & Review: Family Civil War Sparked By One Of Two Deathstrokes In Penultimate Issue As Batman Looms?

DC Comics Universe and Deathstroke #49 Spoilers and Review follows.

Family Civil War Sparked By One Of Two Deathstrokes

…In Penultimate Issue As Batman Looms?

We open with a recap of how Deathstroke’s son Jericho…

…got Apex Lex Luthor’s dark gift instead of his dad (who everyone thought was dead at the time).

Jericho catches up with his sister the Ravager…

…and we learn how she ended up in a dumpster.

It was during a battle with Deathstroke who she feels is gravely ill.

This Deathstroke seeks out his ex-wide Adeline as she wants her to summon their son Jericho so he can take the dark gift that was intended for him.

Wintergreen is forced to protect Adeline as…

…Jericho joins the fray.

Jericho appears to sacrifice himself and the dark gift, but…

…Deathstroke is resilient (and Jericho was just playing head games), but…

…back on Earth this Deathstroke is confronted by the other.

Deathstroke #50 will be the series finale headlined by Deathstroke vs. Deathstroke.

One of them appears to survive and returns in January 2020’s Batman #86.

The Pulse:

A trippy issue, but it was nice seeing the extended Wilson family in action literally. Decent art. Next issue should be a doozy. 8 out of 10.

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