Blu-Ray (4k) Review – Charlie’s Angels & Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Some films age considerably well over the years. Idiocracy has gone from the comedy nobody watched when it was out to “Derr derr, the world is becoming Idiocracy now, derr derr” from idiots, for example. Some films weren’t very good back when they were released and watching them now is absolutely painful.

Both films in the first attempt at a Charlie’s Angels franchise were painfully bad when they were originally released and haven’t aged well in the decade plus of time since.

Simple premise. Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu take on the titular roles as do it all spies/badasses out to save the world. Shenanigans ensue.

The films follow the formula of the TV show; it’s more about style than substance with “girl power” being thrown all over the place. It’s vapid and shallow, of course, but it’s also bad. It wasn’t a good combination then and it’s not now, either.

With many films from that era there’s a sort of quasi-comedic viewpoint you can have when you revisit them. It’s a sort of “oh wow, we thought this was good” for a lot of films or a “oh my god, I can’t believe it was this bad” sort of vibe that a film like Con Air has.

This is a “it’s as bad as I remember” sort of perspective. While you shouldn’t expect something magical about the cinematic adaptation of a television show that was more style than substance from decades before, this would be a direct to video level film if it didn’t have that intellectual property attached to it.

With the remake/reboot of the franchise about to hit theaters, new Blu-Ray/4k versions of each of these films is out. If you’re on a nostalgia trip then it might not be a bad buy considering the picture and audio are in better formats now.

Otherwise recommendation to avoid.

The same extras from the original releases are included.