Marvel Comics Universe & Fallen Angels #1 Spoilers & Review: Excalibur & X-Force Cast Shadow Over Dawn Of X’s Oddest New Series!

Marvel Comics Universe and Fallen Angels #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Excalibur and X-Force Cast Shadow Over…

…Dawn Of X’s Oddest New Series!

We open with Psylocke meditating; she is no longer Betsy Braddock who is a separate character in the role of Captain Britain in the pages of the new Excalibur series; presumably she is Kwannon and now Marvel’s only Psylocke.

She is warned about a coming threat that requires her attention.

She approaches Magneto for permission to leave Krakoa.

He formally denies her, but sends her in Mister Sinister’s direction which will lead her off the island. Looks like Magneto is in charge now after Professor X Charles Xavier’s untimely recent death in X-Force.

Sinister agrees to help leadin to…

…Psylocke recruiting X-23 and Cable…

…who are each looking for a purpose.

We then pivot to explaining the opening scenes of the book where a young girl was overwhelmed and seemingly died by Overclock; some kind of psychic drug.

Turns out that girl was a Psylocke’s daughter from a seeming teen pregnancy.

They Fallen Angels track down others on Overclock and the mind that seems to tie it all together…

…something / someone named Apoth.

The book ends with Psylocke telling Mister Sinister she needs a team to deal with the threat of Apoth; she’ll turn him / it over to Sinister for experimentation before she kills him / it.

The book also includes some extras that explain…

…what exactly Overclock is.

The Pulse:

Great characters in a convoluted story rendered with weak interior art; nice cover art though across the variants. The least entertaining new Dawn of X series launched so far though. 3 out of 10.

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