DC Comics Universe & Detective Comics #1015 Spoilers & Review: Mr. & Mrs. Freeze Start A Cold Snap, But Who Is Batman’s New Partner?

DC Comics Universe and Detective Comics #1015 Spoilers and Review follows.

Mr. and Mrs. Freeze Start A Cold Snap, But…

…Who Is Batman’s New Partner?

Due to Apex Lex Luthor’s dark gift, Mr. Freeze was able to revive his once-dead wife who has been in some kind of cryogenic stasis until this point; now they’re DC’s Bonnie and Clyde!

However, now that she’s back, Mr. Freeze wants to turn his back on villainy, but…

…Mrs. Freeze has her own plans that do not include her husband?!

A confrontation ensues that she gets the better end of.

That forces Mr. Freeze to seek Batman’s help in helping his wife, but the quid pro quo was a serum to revive his earlier frozen victims; the serum works so…

…Batman agrees to help Mr. Freeze.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Freeze turning on Mr. Freeze, while a cool (pun intended) development, it was spoiled for months with the cover of Detective Comics #1016 on stands on November 27, 2019.

The Pulse:

A solid issue story-wise with the Mrs. Freeze turn spoiled, but still somewhat satisfying. Great art too. 9 out of 10.

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