WWE Raw 11/18/19 – Brand Warfare Continues

Becky starts the show off and Charlotte yammers on about them being in the first women’s main event at WrestleMania before Joe comes down for commentary before the IIconics beat up Becky and Charlotte. Charlotte chops Kay, whose selling is ungodly bad. The Figure 8 gets the win before Shayna and her buddies attack Becky and Charlotte. Becky slugs a guard to go after them. Ryder and Hawkins talk about their title shot before the OC talks in the ring and Karl faces Humberto Carrillo. OC has the world cup and the OC cheats to try and win, but the Street Profits reverse a cradle and Carrillo wins. A terrible Lashley-Rusev video airs sponsored by Denny’s. Lana’s out in a suit that appears to be inspired by the ’70s.

Lashley destroys No Way Jose and he gets the win with the full nelson. Andrade faces Seth, in new slick black, white, and gold gear. Seth goes to beat Andrade, but the LHP attacks everyone forcing a non-finish in this match for whatever reason. CM Punk’s return to WWE Backstage is showcased with a dubbed theme. Akira Tozawa cuts a shouty promo on Buddy Murphy before their match. Tozawa lands a slick draping senton off the top for 2. V Trigger and Murphy’s Law ends it. Rowan cuts a promo with the cat carrier and then beats a jobber.

Drew and KO have a good match with some nice nearfalls off of finishers using the ropes. Stunner hits again and it leads to HHH coming out and offering him a slot in NXT. He brings out some NXT guys before a crazy-camera brawl breaks out between Raw’s geeks and NXT’s guys. Charly talks about Carrillo getting another shot at the US Title thanks to tonight’s win. Paul Heyman talks about Brock-Rey and calls it a torture session. Rey’s rebuttal is nice and realistic – he doesn’t get angry, he just says matter of factly that he’s coming for the WWE Title.

Asuka buzzsaw kicks Nattie to beat her. Ricochet comes out to team with Orton and face the War Raiders. This doesn’t really go far before more brawling with the SD guys. NXT guys come down for THREE BRAND WARFARE. Well this was a thing. Everyone involved came off as lesser stars and no matches that even began to matter had finishes.

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