DC Comics Universe & Batman / Superman #4 Spoilers & Review: Secret Six Unmasked, Batman Who Laughs’ Plan Revealed With Superman Being Final Secret Six Piece?!

DC Comics Universe and Batman / Superman #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

Secret Six Unmasked, Batman Who Laughs’ Plan Revealed With…

…Superman Being Final Secret Six Piece?!

Infected GCPD Commissioner James Gordon reveals the Batman Who Laugh’s ultimate plan.

He wants to infect the world and plans to bring the Justice League satellite from the Dark Multiverse to the main positive multiverse’s Earth; Superman is the final piece of the puzzle to enable that.

Batman helps Superman and himself escape before Superman is infected into the last member of the Secret Six.

We also get a look inside the Secret Six; it may not be unified cabal afterall.

A fight ensues later between the current Secret Five and the World’s Finest with Supergirl joining her cousin and his brooding friend.

She captures the Nth Metal batarang intended for Superman…

…and is infected herself…

…revealing the Secret Six as assembled.

Oh, the Batman Who Laugh’s plan is almost completed?!

The Pulse:

A compelling story and great art, but on this same week Supergirl #36 has an infected Kara Zor-El on the cover. We’ve known she would be part of the Secret Six. So while that’s been spoiled for month, how she gets there is revealed in this issue. 7 out of 10.

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