Pull List Roundtable 11/27/19 – Conan 2099, Action Comics, Dawn Of X & More!

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John Babos

6 book this week. #HeroesRead

  • Action Comics #1017
  • Avengers #27
  • Detective Comics #1016
  • Shazam #8
  • Supergirl Annual #2
  • Terrifics #22

Mike Maillaro

  • Sonic the Hedgehog #23 – The current “metal virus” arc that has been going for a while now is great. I normally am not all that into Sonic but my kids are, and this is one of our favorite comics to read together. Issues 21, 22, and 23 all take place at the same time and show three different perspectives of the action. It’s a nice change of pace.
  • Star Trek Picard Countdown #1 – Picard is a huge reason I subscribe to CBS All Access! IDW has done great with the Star Trek license so I can’t wait for this lead in to the upcoming CBS All Access series.
  • Conan 2099 #1 – Before I saw this solicit, I had no idea this was missing from my life! Now I really want to see how Conan fits in the 2099 universe. We also get a new version of Punisher 2099. Jake Gallows is in the book, so it respects the history but a new Punisher in the mask from what I’ve seen.
  • Batman Creature Of The Night #4 – Glad this is finally coming out. I had really been enjoying this Elseworlds story by Kurt Busiek. It’s a crazy, very different take on Batman, and I have always liked Busiek’s work. Now that the final issue is out, the trade is coming out early next year according to today’s Previews.
  • Fallen Angels #2, X-Force #2, New Mutants #2 – I actually have a digital subscription for all the X-Men books. Three hitting on the same day. Marvel is getting back to their old ways with X-titles. That said, I have been enjoying all of Dawn of X, so hard to complain too much. Three great titles.
  • Fantastic Four Grand Design #2 – I know this is only two issues as opposed to X-Men: Grand Design which had six issues to try and tell the story, but I thought the first issue was too scattered and just didn’t have the sense of fun and adventure that early Fantastic Four did. Kind of disappointed in this book.
  • Basketful Of Heads #2 – The first issue of BoH was a real slow burn, but I loved it. Joe Hill has a real knack for writing comics and horror stories, and it’s great to see him combining those two crafts here.
  • Curse Words #25 – LAST ISSUE! Curse Words has been a lot of fun by Charles Soule. He certainly knows how to bring series to a close (Letter 44 and his Daredevil run come to mind), so I am actually pretty excited to see how this one wraps up.
  • Dark Red #8
  • Second Coming #5 (of 6)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45
  • Action Comics #1017
  • Batgirl #41
  • Batman Beyond #38
  • Books Of Magic #14
  • Detective Comics #1016
  • Flash #83
  • Freedom Fighters #11 (Of 12)
  • John Constantine Hellblazer #1
  • Justice League Dark #17
  • Red Hood Outlaw #40
  • Shazam #8
  • Supergirl Annual #2
  • Tales From The Dark Multiverse Infinite Crisis #1
  • Terrifics #22
  • Uncle Scrooge #51
  • Young Donald Duck
  • Postal Deliverance #
  • Avengers #27
  • Fantastic Four Negative Zone #1
  • Ghost-Spider #4
  • Invisible Woman #5 (Of 5)
  • Ironheart #12
  • Scream Curse Of Carnage #1
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #39
  • Valkyrie Jane Foster #5
  • Venom #20