Marvel Comics Universe & X-Force #2 Spoilers & Review: Just How Dead Is Professor X Charles Xavier & Who Makes A Big Dawn Of X Return?

Marvel Comics Universe and X-Force #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Just How Dead Is Professor X Charles Xavier and…

…Who Makes A Big Dawn Of X Return?

Last issue ended with the surprise assassination of Professor X Charles Xavier.

His mutant friends and mentees mourn his death, but like with all Dawn of X books, and before it House of X and Powers of X, we still have not received a close-up of Professor X’s face for some reason; even in death his face is seen in a wide shot.

However, its been established that mutants can be regrown in body and a back-up copy of their mind downloaded into said body…

…that’s what Magneto wants Jean Grey to lead the mutants efforts on.

She ropes the Beast into this work, but they must get Cerebro back online to enable a successful resurrection.

He’s working on that and Jean Grey remains anxious.

In a second more grotesque storyline in the issue involving Wolverine, Kid Omega returns on a mission that sees them find a captive Domino!

The Pulse:

An entertaining issue with the Xavier plot the only compelling story here. Decent art. 7 out of 10.

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