Marvel Comics Universe & Marvel 2099 Spoilers & Review: Punisher 2099 #1 & Conan The Barbarian 2099 #1! One Is New & One Is Immortal!

Marvel Comics Universe and Marvel 2099 Spoilers and Review follows.

Punisher 2099 #1 and…

…Conan The Barbarian 2099 #1. One Is New and One Is Immortal!

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Plus, we’ve tracked down the 2099 Omega #1 variant.

Punisher 2099 #1 Spoilers and Review.

The story involves future police officers, aka public eye officers, Hector Tago and Jake Gallows; it’s not clear if Gallows is the OG Punisher 2099 who went by Jacon Gallows. Each officer has a body camera called an IRIS that flies along side the officers and records police interactions. In addition, each human has a socio economic score, with input from fellow citizens, that shows how much of a good citizen they are, well, in the eyes of others. Tago is concerned because every time he watches a recent bloody interaction the recording is different. He’s hacked his IRIS to try to find the glitch and he’s also broken into the Archives which sees his social score plummet.

Later, the public eye officers must confront the Thorites again; with a tree of severed limbs in the Midgard territory.

A new Punisher 2099 emerges in that battle, but he’s not there to take sides.

He’s after Gallows who was responsible for the bloodbath at the opening of the issue that led to Tago’s IRIS being tampered with; the victim had no weapon on him.

Tago, the new Punisher, fights with Gallows…

…killing him.

The book ends with Punisher 2099 accepting his vengeful life with a social score of zero.

The Pulse:

Compelling story, but would have liked more of Tago as Punisher in the book; it’s a cool new costume. It’s not revealed, but implied that Gallows was the OG Punisher 2099; not confirmed though in the pages. Ok art. 6 out of 10.

Conan 2099 #1 Spoilers and Review.

Well, turns out Conan 2099 is the OG one that originated in the ancient Cimmerian age.

Looks like he was cursed by…

…Morgan Le Fay!

He’s been cursed to roam the Earth until the Earth beneath his feet burns by the Sun.

Conan kills Le Fay, but her ghost haunts him!

In a bit of a nod to Green Lantern’s origins at DC Comics, a dying Nova Corpsmen gives his Nova hi-tech helmet to Conan.

Conan then is on a mission to find Nova Corps HQ on Earth.

He finds it, but everyone is dead.

Since he is recognized as a Nova Corpsmen, the HQ which is really a spaceship, fixes his broken helmet and at his command leaves the Earth.

The ship heads towards the sun as he sprinkles earth under his feet.

The Sun burns that earth and breaks Le Fay’s curse and she disappears as the ship also destroyed by the sun…

…leaving Nova Conan, protected by the helmet, the wander space.

The Pulse:

A really compelling story and fun read. Great end with how Conan outsmarts Le Fay. Decent art. 7 out of 10.

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