Marvel Comics Universe & Marvel 2099 Spoilers & Review: Amazing Spider-Man #35, Venom 2099 #1 & Ghost Rider 2099 #1! How Dead Is Spider-Man 2099?

Marvel Comics Universe and Marvel 2099 Spoilers and Review follows.

Amazing Spider-Man #35…

…Venom 2099 #1 and…

…Ghost Rider 2099 #1!

How Dead Is Spider-Man 2099?

2099 storyline so far:

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There’s also a fine variant cover from the upcoming 2099 Omega #1 too.

Ghost Rider 2099 #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

We open the book with Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane having downloaded his mind into the machine, ahem, to hack and open a door behind which is worth stealing for his gang.

Turns out its a robot body.

The scientists whose tech Zero is literally in, discover him, and initiate a virus wipe essentially; they know its Zero.

He disintegrates and…

…ends up in the Ghostworks.

He meets Johnny Blaze there…

…who reveals his father was one of the scientists that knowingly initiated the protocol that killed him inside the tech.

Zero is then downloaded into the robot body we saw at the beginning of the issue and a revenge seeking Ghost Rider 2099 is born.

He hunts down the scientists and kills them…

…even his seemingly repentant father.

The Ghost Rider 2099 rides again for the first time?

The Pulse:

I understand Zero was also the OG Ghost Rider 2099 so this issue appears to be a reboot. Eh story and ok art. Seems like I’ve read it before though. 4 out of 10.

Venom 2099 #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

The original Venom 2099 Kron Stone is no more and may not have ever ben, but we have Alea Bell, daughter of an Alchemax employee, who needs medical help.

She gets it, unbeknownst to her seemingly by having part of…

…Eddie Brock’s Venom symbiote injected into her.

However, there are complications as that Venom symbiote fragment takes over her previously damaged arm.

After initially trying to and failing to cut off that arm, Alea and the symbiote commune and get to know each other.

She learns of the symbiote’s pain and that the rest of it are trapped at Alchemax.

She breaks into the facility and is subdued by Dr. Russell.

However, the Venom symbiote fragments fight and free themselves making Alea whole and the new or first Venom 2099.

She offers Dr. Russell his life in exchange for destroying the information Alchemax has on the Venom symbiote.

He does what she asked, but she kills him anyway.

The book ends with the realization that the Knull…

…survives into 2099.

The Pulse:

Passable art and an ok story that at times I get deja vu from for some reason. 5 out of 10.

Amazing Spider-Man #35 Spoilers and Review follows.

Anyhow, in 2019, Spider-Man and his sister, super-spy Theresa Parker, are wrapped up in the assassination plot against Doctor Doom that has triggered a violent response and seeming takeover of New York City by the despot.

Spider-Man has his hands on the Clairvoyant, tech that can somehow conjure travel to alternate timelines, or something like that.

It glows and ignites, pulling Spider-Man elsewhen…

…having him encounter, seeming, 2099 sentient A.I. in his pursuit of Spider-Man 2099 (who “exploded” last issue, but has his own Spider-Man 2099 one-shot forthcoming next week).

We don’t get to witness the exchange between the AI and Spidey over 2099 version Spidey, but we do see in 2019 Spider-Man returns and…

…Doctor Doom is still enraged over the assassination attempt on his life.

The Pulse:

Convoluted plots intersecting around Doom 2019 and Doom 2099 with decent art. 6 out of 10.

Marvel 2099 Checklist.

Four issues left.


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