WWE Raw 12/9/19 Recap – AJ vs. Rey For The US Title

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King plays host to the divorce of Lana and Rusev. Lana’s in a very chesty dress while Rusev’s out in a Donald Duck shirt and a Wal-Mart suit jacket and slacks. Joe gets in a great line about Lana finding young love in Lashley, who remains ageless at 43. We get some terrible acting from Professional Actress CJ Perry as she says no one will ever love Rusev like she used to. She says that she’s signing first because she always comes first. Then they fight over who gets the dog and he says he wants a match with Lashley. Lashley and Rusev brawl and Rusev suplexes Lashley through the table.

Rey and KO meet backstage and gives him a pipe to face AOP. Matt Hardy’s out and Drew says that WWE is about putting smiles on faces and Matt’s wife gave birth to son number three and he doesn’t think that Matt’s out-of-ring activities make him a good father. Drew says that he’ll give Matt a chance to fight another day. Matt hits a Twist on the floor and after the break, the match begins. Matt runs wild, but eventually runs into the Future Shock and then ends it with the Claymore. Becky and Charlotte have a completely organic conversation about Becky becoming Becky 2 Belts again and then Charlotte tells her she can face the Kabuki Warriors alone tonight.

KO meets with Mojo and slaps him backstage. Viking Raiders issues an open challenge and the Street Profits accept and bring the swag. Viking Experience to Montez ends it after the SP get a few showcase spots. We get a face fist bump before Seth comes down and says the Raiders can stay in the ring while he says what he needs to. They leave, which sure makes them seem like geeks. KO comes down and tells him he doesn’t need to worry about the pipe. KO says that AOP isn’t here because he hasn’t found them. Seth says he doesn’t have anything to do with them before they arrive and he leaves. Sami and Mojo comes own and Sami says he isn’t a manager, but he’s a liberator. KO stuns Mojo and then broods backstage.

Aleister Black squashes Tozawa with the Black Mass. Andrade and Humberto Carrillo argue in Spanish backstage. Andrade knocks into Zelina and Humberto wins with a distraction schoolboy to ensure that everyone involved comes off worse than they did before. This is hyped up as the biggest win in his career and I have to wonder how as he’s beaten AJ several times and done so in better fashion. Rey says that he will defend the title against AJ tonight. Murphy squashes Zack Ryder to hype him up against Black at TLC. KO pipes the AOP’s hummer before they attack him and slam a door on his head and their leader spins around in a Dr. Claw chair in the back and is revealed to be Seth Rollins. Can he please get a giant metal gauntlet that gives him magic powers and allows him to squash heads like Brian Cage in Lucha Underground? Seth curb stomps him on the concrete and walks away. Why didn’t this close the show?

Ah, Seth had to exposit about everything! He comes out and says he did everything right – he didn’t take a night off and fought through injuries. He’s tired of being disrespected and he wasn’t lying when he said he had nothing to do with AOP before and then they come out and leave. Becky comes out to face the Kabuki Warriors, with Asuka dancing to their new theme. They have a long, sloppy match until Asuka chairshots Becky and Kairi gets a table. Insane Elbow through the table to Becky. AJ talks about the OC becoming Raw tag champs sooner rather than later before Charlotte brings her an ice pack and is generally a bitch to her by being sarcastic with everything she says. Kabuki Warriors jump her.

Rowan squashes a jobber and the Kabuki Warriors cut a promo in Japanese before Asuka challenges Becky and Charlotte to challenge them for their belts. Charlotte and Becky accept and make it a TLC match. Street Profits do a Monday After the Weekend Update skit and rundown the TLC card. AJ and Rey have a fine-ish match with AJ landing a powerbomb and splitting Rey’s tights before Clashing him and then Orton comes in and gives him a giant wink. The show-closing graphic airs and wouldn’t you know it, Rey wins out of nowhere with a flash small package.