DC Comics Universe & Superman #18 Spoilers & Review: What’s The Much Hyped Big Secret That’s Revealed?! How Does Apex Lex Luthor & Legion Of Doom React?

DC Comics Universe and Superman #18 Spoilers and Review follows.

What’s The Much Hyped Big Secret That’s Revealed?!

How Does Apex Lex Luthor and Legion Of Doom React?

At least one of the key pages of this issue was released at least twice before Superman #18 hit the stands.

Then some with lettering.

Well, here we go. The book opens with a huge press conference in front of the Daily Planet, but on the first page we also learn Perry White has been fired as its Editor-in-Chief. That was revealed in the preceding pages that teased the issue before its release.

Well, before the press conference, it looks like Clark Kent revealed his secret identity as Superman to Perry White.

He also did the same thing with Jimmy Olsen…

…but he played a gag on Superman as Lois Lane told him the secret earlier that day.

Then we pivot back to modern day and Superman reveals that he’s also Clark Kent.

He explains his feelings and…

…the world reacts.

The Legion of Doom consumes the news as Superman foil Brainiac rages on Apex Lex Luthor for not knowing Clark Kent was Superman.

With that, I believe, for the first time since he became Apex Lex Luthor in DC’s Year of the Villain, Luthor reverts to his human self to think.

I can’t help, but think of Superman #2 from 1987 today; then Lex Luthor discovered Clark Kent was Superman, but didn’t believe it because, according to Lex, no one with Superman’s awesome powers would hide it depicted as a mere mortal.

Next up is Superman #19.

The Pulse:

Not a huge reveal as its been teased and, frankly, its been done before. However, how it was done was compelling. Telling his close friends first made sense before the big reveal. Art was the strongest part of the issue while mist intriguing part of the book wasn’t the reveal, but the last two pages with Apex Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom. 7 out of 10.

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