Marvel Comics Universe & Marvel 2099 Spoilers & Review: 2099 Omega #1 & Amazing Spider-Man #36!

Marvel Comics Universe and Marvel 2099 Spoilers and Review follows.

2099 Omega #1 and…

…Amazing Spider-Man #36!

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2099 Omega #1 Spoilers and Review.

Doom 2099 is behind the problems in 2099 and he continues to have the Watcher Uatu as his prisoner.

However, the memories from the old 2099 continuity are echoing in the new 2099.

Doom is displeased.

An older Miguel O’Hara from, I think, he old 2099 continuity provides more information…

…to his younger counterpart in the new 2099 timeline.

We learn that the old 2099 continuity has been for sure destroyed.

However, he also feels memories from the old 2099 inspiring new 2099 heroes.

The older O’Hara wants his younger self to become the Spider-Man of 2099.

After some uninteresting intervening pages and challenges for the younger O’Hara, the Watcher…

…tells Doom 2099 that…

…he should be afraid because Spider-Man 2099 is coming.

The Pulse:

This was an uninspiring to the Marvel 2099 reboot. Art was ok. However, this was a rather unsatisfying read. 2 out of 10.

Amazing Spider-Man #36 Spoilers and Review.

Spider-Man is using the Clairvoyant, tech that can see the future, to test out different plans of attack to save NYC from the clutches of Doctor Doom.

Most scenarios leads to death, but…

…one shows promise so its time for real-world action.

He gets himself captured by Doom and…

…tells him the truth about a villain shooting him and…

…trying to start a war through that action.

These two pages are all we see concerning Marvel 2099 and…

…Spider-Man 2099; looks like he’s in 2019 now?

The book ends with the Silver Sable still healing from her injuries and a captured Chameleon, behind the Doctor Doom assassination attempt, promising more hijinks.

The Pulse:

I can’t believe THIS is how Marvel’s 2099 reboot efforts end; two pages in an otherwise flat issue. Is Marvel implying Doom’s actions in 2019 changed the 2099 continuity and rebooted it. If not, what was the point of this issue. Solid art, but non-sensical story particularly around 2099. 2 out of 10.

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