Marvel Comics Universe & Marvel 2099 Spoilers & Review: Doctor Doom 2099 #1 & Spider-Man 2099 #1!

Marvel Comics Universe and Marvel 2099 Spoilers and Review follows.

Doctor Doom 2099 #1 and…

…Spider-Man 2099 #1!

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Doom 2099 #1 Spoilers and Review.

An amnesiac…

…knows he needs to go Latveria…

…with tools.

The amnesiac remembers he is Victor Von Doom and is haunted by frenemy Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.

He’s attacked and learns of another “King” in the ravage purporting to be Doctor Doom.

So, Doom leaves…

…goes to the pretenders fortress…

…but is outmatched and…

…thrown to his death by Doom 2099.

However, the amnesiac was really Reed Richards and not Victor Von Doom.

The Pulse:

A plodding story with uninspiring characters became more interesting with the revelation at the end. Grainy art. 5.5 out of 10.

Spider-Man 2099 #1 Spoilers and Review.

Ouroboros; a word I think I’ve seen in other 2099 specials.

On that Miguel O’Hara dreams out related to a monster spider he killed, to save himself, and dissected and experimented on for Alchemax.

Well he sees that word associated with Spider-Man 2099 too who he also sees in the waking world?!

He chases Spider-Man 2099 and…

…remembers the classic Marvel 2099 world before…

…he meets is older self?!

The Pulse:

Another uninspiring 2099 tale that is redefined by its last few pages. The best part, again, was seeing the classic 2099 characters being remembered, but I am intrigued by the old man at the end. Art was not to my liking at all. 4 out of 10.

Marvel 2099 Checklist.

Only two books left in this disjointed 2099 revival.

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