Marvel Comics Universe & Incoming #1 Spoilers: EVERYTHING About Marvel’s Next Big Thing That Sets Up Empyre Event & Outlawed Storyline! Video Trailer, Teasers & Preview All In Place!

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Marvel Comics Universe and Incoming #1 Spoilers follows.

EVERYTHING About Marvel’s Next Big Thing That Sets Up Empyre Event and Outlawed Storyline!

Video Trailer, Teasers and Preview All In Place!

Here’s all that we know:

    • Final preview, teasers with interior pages totalling 10 are here.
    • Empyre and Outlawed spill out of Incoming #1 here with the former’s lead characters teased here and the latter teased here.
    • Incoming #1 has at least 10 variant covers here plus a revealing solicitation is here.
    • A mysterious murder, a glimpse of eternity, a deadly alliance, a titanic division and a galactic threat all teased here.
    • We know that the Black Raider is back in one-shot, but is he joined by Michael Korvac as teased here and here.
    • Did Marvel actually spoil the lead of Incoming as explained here.

Plus, the video teaser trailer.

Incoming #1 officially hits store shelves tomorrow.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and holiday season!

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