Rabblecast 587 – Deleted Scenes In Movies, Thoughts On Gun Control / Ownership

Let’s keep this going! Here is the second of six episodes, recorded earlier this year, that had to be delayed due to time constraints. We’re hoping to clear out the back log before the end of the year.

On this episode, we talk about deleted scenes from movies. Avengers: Endgame has a bunch of different extras and deleted scenes that fans have been pouring over and we discuss a few of those. We also mention deleted scenes from The Warriors(1979) and Empire Records(1995).

From there, the discussion somehow turns to Gun Control and the right to bear arms. We do our best to present our thoughts on the subject. But, we do not try to give any particular solution to a complex problem that has continued to trouble the country. We just have a discussion between two friends.

*(Original recording date 7/31/2019)


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