Rabblecast 589 – Music Industry, File Sharing, DC Extended Universe

The fourth of six episodes, recorded earlier this year, that had to be delayed due to time constraints. We hope you enjoy the show and thank you for listening.

The music industry has always been an intriguing machine. How do the artist make money when there are so many people to pay? This especially was the question even before peer to peer sharing became a thing. Now, it’s streaming music. How do you divide the profits and is it really worth it for the artist?

We also talk about the DC Extended Universe! At the time this episode was recorded we speculated about who would be in the big Arrowverse Crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. There were a bunch of rumored cameos and characters. We also talk about canceled shows, Krypton and the spin-off, Lobo. We go over some DC movies, animated shows, and the DC Universe App!

All of this and so much more!

*(Original recording date 8/21/2019)


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