Rabblecast 590 – Going To A Blood Drive, Talking About The Mahoning Drive-In Theater

The fifth of six episodes, recorded earlier this year, that had to be delayed due to time constraints. We’re almost there. If you have been enjoying this continuous release of shows, thank you for listening!

Blood drives, they’re a good cause. You go and donate some blood so hospitals can help those with medical emergencies. Easy enough, right? Well, Doug tells us about his recent trip to donate and the difficulties he ran into.

From there, we drift into our mutual love of movies by talking about the Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton, PA. The Mahoning is known for running 35mm films and having themed weekends with something everyone. Godzilla-Palooza, Camp Blood, Zombiefest, Action Party Weekend, and many more!

*(Original recording date 8/28/2019)


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