WWE Raw 12/30/19 Recap – Lana and Lashley Wedding

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A recap of Seth’s beating of Owens is shown and KO calls out Seth and AOP while defending Rey’s honor. He blames the beating for Rey’s title loss to Andrade and the announcers sell it in a way that buries Andrade. Seth and AOP jump KO before Joe runs down to save, but gets beaten down. Joe and his giant beard cut an intense promo before KO and his bigger, greyer beard put Joe over as the meanest guy he’s ever worked with. Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy continue their run on the mid-card treadmill with another good, athletic match. A lifting Black Mass after another gets the win and should show decisevely that Black is better than Murphy and hopefully he can either move on or they can team up.

Seth and AOP leave without security before Rowan beats a jobber with a claw slam. Charlotte rambles on for a while before rambling on about issuing a challenge so someone can bow to her. So is she a heel or face this week? Nattie accepts the challenge for their 1,000th match. Charlotte gets the win with the figure 8. Becky cuts a backstage promo about needing to beat Asuka at the Rumble this year to make up for last year. Lashley preps for his wedding by looking in to weddings linens direct services online. Liv talks about being made to feel different and then having it taken away. She’s ready to strike. This is totally giving off Emmalina vibes in the worst way.

The OC comes out and yammers on before the Street Profits come out and Montez pauses and then we get a match with Montez winning off the frog splash. Montez out-Warriors Warrior on the ropes and is just a growing fountain of charisma that hasn’t been seen since peak Nakamura. They cut a promo backstage and want to get a night with the bridesmaids. Drew destroys Hawkins and Ryder in a handicap match. Boy does this put your tag titles over strong. Orton’s house show injury is recapped before Rey vs. Andrade is hyped up for next week.

Orton cuts a promo on the injury before AJ mocks him and then eats an RKO. So they do a house show injury angle to build to an RKO. Okay then. Less bumps for Orton on a house show I guess. Andrade faces Ricochet in a good-ish match that he wins with the hammerlock DDT. This never quite got out of first gear and Andrade doesn’t feel like any bigger a star with the belt. Lashley and Lana recite terrible lines while their New York cabbie pastor yammers on. Lana’s first husband comes out and says they got married when she was 18 and left him for Rusev, and then she left him, and now she’ll leave Lashley.

A woman comes out and yells no a whole lot. Lashley’s first wife comes down and gets bumped by Lana. Liv comes down and says that she couldn’t have made it this year without their love and Lashley says she’s never touched her. Liv says she wasn’t talking about him and then a Jerry chant breaks out. Well, this does feel like an angle that 20 years out of date. Then they brawl and we get some nice shots of Lana before Rusev pops out of the giant cake and beats up Lashley before Liv holds up Lana. Well, this was goofy – but hardly a great way to close out WWE’s year.