Marvel Comics Universe & Thor #1 Spoilers & Review: Who Defeated Galactus? Plus A Genuine New All-Powerful Status Quo For The Odinson?


Marvel Comics Universe and Thor #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Defeated Galactus?

Plus A Genuine New…

…All-Powerful Status Quo For The Odinson?

The book opens with a bored new All-Father of Asgard and a few scenes showing his brother Loki who is in charge and some of his newer powers after replacing his father Odin in the throne.

Then Galactus arrives warning of the Star Plague aka the Black Winter that is coming that…

…has depleted Galactus’s energy!

The tree of life rots and…

…Thor convenes all of Galactus’ one-time heralds to determine who are what the Black Winter is.

The now black Silver Surfer give its more aliases with the Blight Storm, the Rot Blizzard, the One True End, the Black Winter.

Thor is prepared to help the heralds and Galactus defeat it.

However, they need more help from Thor?!

He gets imbued by the Power Cosmic and…

…becomes Galactus’s new herald and the Herald of Thunder!

Then we get a sneak peek at Thor #2 plus…

..its concept art variant cover.

The Pulse:

The issue probably could have been a few pages shorter, but its a minor gripe in an intriguing ride from the beginning as the new All-father status for Thor and ending in an even more powerful status quo for Thor Herald of Galactus! Awesome art and entertaining issue. 9 out of 10.

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