DC Comics Universe & The Terrifics #23 Spoilers & Review: Bizarro Superman & The Terribles Break Time?!

DC Comics Universe and The Terrifics #23 Spoilers and Review follows.

Bizarro Superman and The Terribles…

…Break Time?!

De-aged Terrifics grapple with how to fix time due to Bizarro shenanigans.

Ms. Terrifics appears to die…

…however she lives…


They have a time loop of sorts where this happens at least a few times, but for the penultimate time we see this.

The final time, the Terrifics as a team decided to go through the breach instead of just Ms. Terrific.

That causes Bizarro and the Terribles to try to stop them…

…which leads to more timeline shenanigans.

The Pulse:

A topsy turvy issue with some fun art. Entertaining. Awesome covers. 7 out of 10.

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