Marvel Comics Universe & Tarot #1 Spoilers & Review: Avengers Vs. Defenders Rooted In An Invaders Adventure From The 1940s?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Tarot #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Avengers Vs. Defenders Rooted In…

…An Invaders Adventure From The 1940s?!

During WWII, the Invaders tangled with…

…Hitler’s mystical Nazi army.

During the battle Captain America became Immortal Hulk like and…

…helped turn the tide in the favor of the Invaders.

Turns out that in 2020 the mystical threat from the 1940s is back.

Doctor Strange defeats Cyrus Black who is seemingly behind the threat…

…but the Defenders seemingly defeat the threat.

However, Dr. Strange senses the mystical threat also present at Avengers Mansion.

The Defenders travel there and see the Vision vs. Avengers in a civil war?!

They find some of the mystical threat there, but…

…only Namor seems to remember their 1940s battle of a similar nature.

The book ends with Diablo’s return and…

…using mystical cards to control the Avengers and Dr. Strange of the Avengers!

The Pulse:

A bit of a convoluted debut issue with an interesting Hulk / Captain America mystery from the 1940s. Wish Alan Davis also did the interior art as it wasn’t to my taste. Diablo’s return was ok, but he still has one of the silliest costumes so its difficult to take him seriously. I did enjoy the invaders opening though. 5 out of 10.

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