Marvel Comics Universe & April 2020 Solicitations Spoilers: Outlawed & Kamala’s Law Spawns First Outlaw Teen Super-Hero Team!

Marvel Comics Universe and April 2020 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Outlawed and Kamala’s Law Spawns First Outlaw Teen Super-Hero Team!

SyFy had the scoop about the return of the New Warriors.

      In the wake of Outlawed and the implementation of Kamala’s Law across the Marvel Universe this spring — which decrees no one under 21 can be a superhero — Night Thrasher has resurrected his old team with the goal of mentoring a new generation of heroes “whether they like it or not.” Now, older and hopefully a little bit wiser, it’s up to the New Warriors to guide a brand-new team of recruits, 30 years after they began fighting for justice themselves…

      …According to writer Daniel Kibblesmith (Deadpool vs. Carnage, Loki, and TV’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert), who is launching the book with artist Luciano Vecchio (Ironheart), New Warriors provides a perfect jumping-on point for new fans while calling back to the original series. If writing a superhero team wasn’t enough, Kibblesmith and Vecchio also created and designed five new superhero recruits for the book….

      …My [Kibblesmith] passing familiarity coming in was actually pretty helpful for our back-to-basics approach to the team — we’re going with most of the original members, plus Rage and Silhouette, who might as well be founding members the same way Captain America isn’t technically a founding Avenger. When I think of “my” core team, those are the people I can’t imagine doing without — Night Thrasher, Namorita, Firestar, Speedball, Rage. Justice is there, but he’s torn between worlds because of his bigger role in Outlawed.

      It was important to me to have moments of Justice and Night Thrasher counterbalancing each other as the two sometimes-leaders of the New Warriors. And our artist, Luciano Vecchio, has such a great take on Silhouette, and so much love for that character, that we made sure to make her an official part of the team. I think the exception to our classic roster might be Nova, ‘cuz he’s usually off in space doing Nova stuff. Such is the nature of the Marvel Universe being an actual, uh, universe…

Plus Outlawed #1, out in March 2020, gets a new variant from usually DC Comics talent Tony Daniel.

Interesting times.

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