DC Comics Universe & Flash Forward #5 Spoilers & Review: How Is Wally West The Flash The Metaverse / Multiverse / Dark Multiverse’s Virus & The Cure?

DC Comics Universe and Flash Forward #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Is Wally West The Flash The Metaverse / Multiverse / Dark Multiverse’s Virus…

…and The Cure?!

Wally West the Flash is finally reunited with his children, Jai and Iris West, but not his wife Linda Park West from the pre-Flashpoint era.

They appear to be on a Dark Multiverse planet in the main multiverse or perhaps a positive universe planet consumed by the energies of the Dark Multiverse (perhaps a distinction without a difference?)…

…with large statues of the dead heroes from the much maligned Heroes in Crisis mini-series which effectively made the Flash of a generation, Wally West, a serial killer; an out-of-mind psychopath grieving the loss of his family that no one, but him remembered.

Wally West tries to wipe the dark multiverse stain from the planet….

…but instead is flooded with more memories from his pre-Flaspoint life (in addition to the glimpses we had from earlier in the issue including disco Nightwing) and….

…becomes something else cosmically speaking.

He finally understands why he must destroy this planet; her created it from his fear over the death of his children; that sounds like how planets and the dark multiverse has new planets created.

Tempus Fuginaut and the sentient Fourth World Mobius Chair, without New Gods’ Metron, watch on.

The Pulse:

The cosmic stuff in this issue can be confusing, but Wally West’s trauma is all too relatable. A very human story wrapped in a sci-fi cape. Solid art. Entertaining issue. 8 out 10.

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