DC Comics Universe & Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 Spoilers & Review: Damian Wayne Robin Joins Super Sons Pal Jon Kent Superboy In Future, But Why’s That A Huge No No?


DC Comics Universe and Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

Damian Wayne Robin Joins Super Sons Pal Jon Kent Superboy In Future, But…

…Why’s That A Huge No No?

We open up with a storyline catch-up page told from the perspective of Dawnstar whose last name is revealed to be Gr’ell named after LOSH contributor writer-artist Mike Grell.

We then have Superboy introduce Robin to the 31st Century…

…where he can’t breathe.

In the issue, we learn that Ultra Boy’s dad is upset that the LOSH stole “his” Aquaman Trident while we also learn that Planet Gotham is a penal planet whose inmates include Mordru.

Ultra Boy’s dad is the ruler of the planet Rimbor and the LOSH arrest him which leads to…

…a battle where the Super Sons do what the entire Legion of Super-Heroes could not.

Saturn Girl makes Robin forget he came to the future because he should be there; that has Superboy ask the question about why he should be there?

Apparently it’s all in the orientation video that Superboy hasn’t watched yet despite LOSH nagging.

The book ends with the revelation that the Aquaman trident has been stolen from the LOSH and tease of the revelation of the Legion’s origins next issue (presumably from the orientation video) as well the end of the team based on this issue’s shenanigans (I see a swerve coming).

The Pulse:

An action-packed exploration of the future from three different groupings of LOSH members. Didn’t get a lot of Super Sons this issue, but enough. Art felt disjointed at points. 7 out of 10.

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