Marvel Comics Universe & April 2020 Solicitations Spoilers: Iron Man 2020 & Marvel 2020 Event Expands To Include Dawn Of X & X-Men?! Wolverine Robot Albert & Elsie Dee Android Return!

Marvel Comics Universe and April 2020 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Iron Man 2020 and Marvel 2020 Event Series To Include Dawn Of X and X-Men?! Wolverine Robot Albert and Elsie Dee Android Return!

At the end of this week’s Iron Man 2020 #1 a checklist for upcoming 2020 related series was unveiled.

A new series launching in April 2020 and concluding in May 2020 has been added to the mix: iWolverine. I suspect that its Albert, who is usually associated with Elsie Dee, from X-Men fame since his first appearance gets a True Believers reprint in February 2020 (full spoilers here).


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