WWE Raw Results – Murphy and Seth Vie for Tag Titles

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Seth and the goon squad come to the ring and he cuts a promo thanking his guys for standing beside him. Joe, KO, and the Viking Raiders brawl with them while Vic and King get over THE MONDAY NIGHT MESSIAH in the usual subtle way WWE commentators carefully layer in new monikers. Rey’s history with the US Title and Andrade is recapped to set up tonight’s ladder match. Rey comes out for his match and Seth says that he and Murphy have a tag title match tonight. Rey and Andrade fight over a ladder and Rey hits a super rana…kinda on a ladder. Andrade lands Three Amigos onto the ladder, with Rey’s legs landing hard. Yeah that’s a good thing for him to take.

Andrade hits a superbomb off the top into a ladder bridge! Andrade goes for a Gori bomb off the top of a ladder to a ladder bridge, but Rey avoids it and kinda sunset bombs him through it. He couldn’t maintain his hold on Andrade at all, so it was a bit of a phantom bump. Rey hits a 619 that sends Andrade out of the ring and gives him a clear shot to get the belt. Rey is on the belt, but Andrade tries to bat him down and they go for a powerbomb catch into a rana and that gets turned into a hard powerbomb to the neck when Rey can’t make a full rotation.

This has been a career-shortening match for Rey – he’s taken some nasty bumps here. Rey climbs and then Zelina flawlessly clumbs up in heels and it allows Andrade to hit a hammerlock DDT through a ladder bridge. Andrade wins and keeps attacking Rey until Humberto Carrillo makes a save. An MLK video airs before Aleister Black wins a squash with just a Black Mass. King says that this match that ends via pin had to end in less than three seconds. Brock and Truth’s stuff is recapped before Heyman recaps what a Rumble is. He issues a bit of a challenge and Ricochet comes out and says that he takes a risk every time he leaps and he’s not afraid of anything. Ricochet asks if Brock’s scared and Brock just kicks him low and leaves.

Randy Orton talks about how Drew has great chops, but he’s not on-par with himself because he can strike out of nowhere with the RKO. Lots of stiff chops by Drew leads to Randy getting some nice punches. Orton does the perfect dropkick off of Drew’s lariat off the top and then he does some wacky posing before the draping DDT. They’re having a good match until the OC runs out and attacks Drew. Orton helps out as a reluctant ally before an RKO – so keeping things as they are, but teasing a bit more. Good stuff here. Drew says that he deserved that one – it truly is an RKO out of nowhere.

Charlotte is talked to backstage about her many accolades and says she’s prepared for everyone in the Rumble. Becky’s out and Kairi comes out with Asuka dancing to their theme. Becky and Kairi have a functional match with Asuka on the buckle, but not in the ring so this is somehow okay despite going on all-match. Kairi taps to the disarmher and Asuka hits the shining wizard, which for some reason she couldn’t do before her partner was put in the move longer. A Rocky Johnson video airs. Asuka gets in an EZPZ in a promo before saying that Becky isn’t ready for Asuka and cackling maniacly with Kairi. These two are tremendous.

Seth and Murphy have a really fun match against the Viking Raiders. Seth gets all welted up before he and Murphy hit a two-man Shield bomb to Hanson out of the corner. Murphy hits a V trigger and and apron Stomp hits and Murphy covers to win the titles. Seth talks about winning the Rumble for the second year in a row and then casually saying they did it. Street Profits cut a Weekend Update promo burying reboots and saying that WWE of all things has new and original content seven hours a week on USA and Fox before mocking Miz and Morrison. Truth cuts a green screen promo and we get an Otis video set to Val Venis’ theme.

Rowan squashes Matt Hardy with the iron claw slam. A long Lana/Lashley video airs before Mojo gets jumped by the Singhs – but he’s too big to be taken down and destroys them. Hey, they actually made an act better than another – amazing! Lana and Lashley have a match against Rusev and Liv, with Liv breaking up a pin against pro MMA fighter Lashley with an axehandle. She lands a kick before Rusev Cro Cop kicks him and wants a machka kick, but Lana holds the ankle and a spear ends it.