Marvel Comics Universe & Captain Marvel #14 Spoilers & Review: Dark Captain Marvel Continues To Kill The Avengers For Vox Supreme… Sorta!

Marvel Comics Universe and Captain Marvel #14 Spoilers and Review follows.

Dark Captain Marvel Continues To Kill The Avengers…

…For Vox Supreme… Sorta!

Captain Marvel has asked Tony Stark Iron Man and Thor to stay in this kind of undetectable pocket of space while she takes clones of them that have been “killed” by her.

If she doesn’t kill the Avengers, innocents will be killed by Vox Supreme.

Next up is Black Panther and they wage a multi-page battle culminating…

…in her beating King T’Challa and…

…putting Captain Marvel in conflict with She-Hulk as spoiled on the book’s cover.

Next up is Captain Marvel #15.

The Pulse:

An interesting premise with ok art. Not sure how Vox Supreme on one hand knows something is up, but is still ok with having moments where he/it can’t track Captain Marvel. 6 out of 10.

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